Turn your YouTube videos into beautiful blog posts

Get more views trough better search engine exposure by turning your videos into beautiful blog posts in less than 5 minutes. Connect your YouTube creator account and you are ready to go.

How it works

Show an AI generated example

1. Connect YouTube

Connect your YouTube creator account within seconds and start reusing your video content in blog posts and articles.

2. Get a generated post

Your video is transcribed, summarized and converted into beautiful blog posts. Select between different styles.

3. Review your post

Manuelly review the AI generated posts, adjust text and images, regenerate it in a different style or just take it as it is.

4. Publish your post

Publish the post automatically within the App to Medium, other blogging platforms or use Zapier to build your own integration.

5. Get more views

Get more views trough better search engine exposure as more people start finding your content.

YouTube > YouBlogAI > Blog

Designed for success

YouBlogAI is designed to guide trough the entire transformation process and reduce manual effort. It provides you all the features you need to turn every video into a beautiful blog post in less then 5 minutes.

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Awesome Features

Connect to YouTube

Directly integrated into YouTube Studio to pull the uploaded videos with ease.

Publish everywhere

Integrated into Medium, WordPress and Zapier for flawless publishing. More integrations coming soon.

Video summarization

Automatic video summarization, classification, video description and keyword generator.

Built-In blog editor

Use the built-in editor to review modify and adding pictures to finalize your blog post.

Artificial Intelligence

The latest AI technologies to generate beautiful text in various styles.

Access management

Grant access to all your team members with integrated access management features.

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